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Merry Christmas!

Clannad Christmas!

A Clannad Christmas (image taken from Sankaku Complex)

Merry Christmas, people of the 2D world! Have a great new year as well 🙂


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Stream of Consciousness: CAR @ NYG 12/21/08

Eli Manning and Jake Delhomme (credit ESPN for the picture)

Just using this as an outlet to scribble down my thoughts for this Sunday Night Football matchup between the 11-3 Panthers and the 11-3 Giants. All player links go to their ESPN player pages. Read on!

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Reflections: AS 12

What we've been waiting for...
Clannad AS 12: Unexpected Incident

So, after watching the lion’s share of this week’s anime, I had to scribble down some thoughts I had about these eps. There was a lot of drama and plot advancement, as wells as a ton of touching moments. First up is Clannad, read on!

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Red Alert 3 – Thoughts

So after playing a few hours of Red Alert 3 (sampling the campaign, but mostly playing skirmishes against the AI) I have to vent a bit about the game. There’s a ton of good things (including the beautiful ex-Playboy playmate playing Tanya in the cutscenes), but some really clear faults that really need to be addressed for the game to reach its potential.

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