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Reflections: AS 12

What we've been waiting for...
Clannad AS 12: Unexpected Incident

So, after watching the lion’s share of this week’s anime, I had to scribble down some thoughts I had about these eps. There was a lot of drama and plot advancement, as wells as a ton of touching moments. First up is Clannad, read on!

A few things really stood out for me in this episode. The quick rundown of the episode was that it showed Yuusuke’s story, of his dreams of becoming a rockstar and returning home to sweep the woman he loved off her feet. Yuusuke was initially wildly successful, as his music resonated with his audience. However, he soon realizes that he’s no longer just singing for himself, but that his songs have become the only support for dozens of his fans, who would collapse mentally without them. Having realized this, he slowly crashes, first excusing himself to take a break from recording albums, then being forced back to the industry after he learns that his fans are crashing without him, and then finally flopping, as his muse deserts him and he turns to drugs to sustain him. He quits the music business and returns back to the town in which he grew up, marries the woman he loves, and forsakes the music industry forever to make an honest living and a private life as a humble electrician. Couched around this story are the highs and lows of Tomoya’s life, as he learns that the manager is recommending him for a promotion to reward his excellent work and also a reunion with the Furukawa family, having a quiet (well, everyone else besides Akio anyways) dinner with them. However, his peace of mind is shattered as he learns that his father has been arrested after dealing in some shadowy vices, resulting in Tomoya’s recommendation being withdrawn. Tomoya is dead set on leaving the town, calling his father a curse and longing to escape the reach of said curse. Nagisa, thoughtful as always, responds negatively, saying that they must reach some sort of peace with themselves and the town. Tomoya is still disappointed and angry at the turn of events and visits his father in prison to seek some answers. Tomoya storms out of the prison after lashing out at his father, eventually collapsing to the ground as he seeks for some outlet for his rage. Nagisa attempts to comfort him, and Tomoya pops the question that we’ve all been waiting for. Nagisa accepts tearfully, and they exchange their vows.

The first would be how much of a deadbeat Tomoya’s father is. Here Tomoya is, working hard and performing well enough at his job to be recommended for a promotion/transfer. He’s settling into his new life as part of the work force, and he’s doing his best to create an environment and make enough income to support both Nagisa and himself. However, all his hopes are dashed by the underhanded dealings of his father.

The second is in regards to Yoshino-san’s story. The drama seemed to be very much conjured, and really failed to evoke much sympathy in me. Yuusuke was very successful, and ended up lacking the willpower to fulfill his dreams as Kouko encouraged him to do. His fall from greatness into the depths of despair and drugs only show me that he isn’t a strong-minded character that can cope with problems.

Finally, the proposal scene, with Nagisa and Tomoya collapsed on the sidewalk, spent after an emotional outburst. It was a proposal without any pomp, as Tomoya seemed to almost suggest that they get married in a really listless manner. However, as they promised their love for each other forever, it was a good scene in the end.

Overall, I find myself rooting for Tomoya and Nagisa to succeed in life, despite my burning hatred for Nagisa. The daunting hardships that they face and must overcome are collossal, and it would just be cruel to hope for their failure.

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