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Stream of Consciousness: CAR @ NYG 12/21/08

Eli Manning and Jake Delhomme (credit ESPN for the picture)

Just using this as an outlet to scribble down my thoughts for this Sunday Night Football matchup between the 11-3 Panthers and the 11-3 Giants. All player links go to their ESPN player pages. Read on!

18:43- 0:00 remaining, 2Q,  Panthers lead 21-13

  • Carolina elected to just take their lead to the locker room; can’t wait to see them in the 3rd quarter.
  • This ends tonight’s live-blogging session. It was an interesting experience. 😛 Leave some feedback if you can!

18:41- 0:50 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 21-13

  • Derrick Ward just ripped off a huge run out of the shotgun for the Giants, then got stuffed on the next play. Interesting play call, considering the situation.
  • Eli just threw a terrible ball right into Jon Beason‘s hands; very lucky it wasn’t picked off.
  • John Carney caps the drive off with a FG; we’ll get another look at the Carolina offense.

18:37 – 1:39 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 21-10

  • Cofield and Justin Tuck are back in for the Giants D, and they’ve forced the Panthers to a 3rd and 12 situation.
  • Delhomme just made a bad throw and a bad decision; Panthers are lucky they didn’t turn it over there.
  • We’re about to get a look at the Giants 2-minute drill; look for Steve Smith, Boss, and Hixon to be major players.

18:33 – 2:00 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 21-10

  • The Giants really don’t miss Pro Bowl TE Jeremy Shockey at all. Kevin Boss just stepped into the role and has really emerged as a reliable target for Eli.
  • Eli has really improved his accuracy. I watched all of the games he started as a rookie and the games of his 2nd year (I lived in NJ), and his erratic passes have really disappeared.
  • Eli just got sacked; the Giants OL, which was really hyped going into last week’s game against the Cowboys, really is having troubles pass blocking.
  • The Giants just got stopped again, allowing the Panthers another shot to score before halftime.
  • The Giants may have to deviate from their gameplan if they continue struggling to run the ball. Eli has to make more plays through the air to keep the Panthers from stacking 8 in the box.

18:26 – 4:45 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 21-10

  • Giants won the challenge, but Williams just runs right up the middle and dives into the endzone. The Giants better make some great halftime adjustments to find some way to control this Panthers offense.
  • That’s 3 touchdowns for Williams so far; who’s questioning his value now?
  • 3 possession, 3 touchdowns for the Panthers offense. They sure look like the best team in the NFC right now.

18:23 – 5:48 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 20-10 (pending challenge)

  • W0w, unbelievable tip-play drill just now. Muhsin Muhammad just turned an Aaron Ross INT into a ridiculous 60-yd gain.
  • Smith just grabbed a TD, pending this challenge: nobody can cover this guy. The Giants are having their defense exposed by this Panthers offense. 3 plays, 65-yds, 1:31 time elapsed.
  • This is exactly what I’m talking about. The Panthers can stretch the field in a way that the Giants really cannot without Burress.
  • Stewart is questionable to return; guess it’s up to Delhomme and Williams to beat the Giants D into submission.

18:10 – 6:12 remaining, 2Q, Panthers lead 14-10

  • Wow, Williams really cuts back like a maniac. He just ripped a big gain off on that Giants D; Barry Cofield just got taken off the field, let’s hope he comes back.
  • Steve Smith is unbelievable; how do you cover this guy? He’s too fast and too quick to cover with a safety or linebacker, and I’m not convinced the Giants corners can keep up with him.
  • Williams has power as well; he just capped off a 10 play, 66-yd drive with a power run right up the middle. This is shaping up to be a contest of running games.

18:06 – 10:59 remaining, 2Q, Giants lead 10-7

  • The Giants pass rush is starting to get some pressure on Delhomme. Look for the Panthers to turn to their running game.
  • Looks like Stewart just got shaken up, Panthers fans cross your fingers and hope he’s alright. Without him, the offense really suffers.

17:49 – 13:38 remaining, 2Q, Giants lead 10-7

  • Domenik Hixon is really stepping up in Plaxico Burress‘s absence. The Giants’ first play of the game was a play action pass to him and his 2nd effort to twist for a first down really showed me how motivated he is.
  • This Giant running attack is really something when Brandon Jacobs is active. Just having him line up in the backfield shifts the Panthers defense to stopping the run, making the play action game really effective.
  • The Giants’ three-headed running attack really is something; not every team has the luxury of having three capable backs they can put into the game. Really keeps them all fresh and creates mismatches against a worn out defense.
  • The Giants are not panicking and turning to a one dimensional passing offense after the initial Panthers scoring drive. They are sticking to their guns and maintaining their ball control mentality.
  • The Panthers really have a ridiculous running game. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are just going to wear you down and then trample you afterward. Only way to counter this would be with a (you guessed it) ball control offense that limits their touches.
  • The Panthers really exposed the Giants secondary with their first drive. Nobody in that secondary can keep up with Smith, especially when they’re getting stomped by the running attack.
  • The Giants pass rush has been really ineffective so far; I don’t think Jake Delhomme got touched in that first drive.
  • The Giant running game just banged out another TD. That Carolina offense just could not get off the field; that was a 13-play, 74 yd drive that ate up 7:38 of clock. If they can keep pounding it out like that, look for a Giant win.
  • If this turns into a shootout, I trust Delhomme more than Giants QB Eli Manning. The Giants don’t have a real deep threat playmaker like Steve Smith without Plaxico Burress.

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  1. their match was just incredible but finally finally Giants won the game……. I mean the way they had played is just just incredible man…. I loved their game…..they proved that players like Plaxico are not the showstopper.they proved they don’t need Plaxico.

    Comment by Bryan | December 22, 2008 | Reply

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