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The End of Code Geass

The end of the second season of Code Geass, R2, generated a tremendous amount of controversy about the exact circumstances of the end. Koda from GG has written long rants and a commendable dissertation about whether or not Lelouch died at the end or, as has become popular, he is alive and well enough to drive a cart into exile with CC, the erstwhile witch. I’ll take a look at Koda’s arguments and just ramble on about my thoughts and questions. Read on!

First, my thoughts. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most dedicated of Geass viewers, and I didn’t do a ton of research into the methodology of Codes getting passed, or whatever else.

  1. Nunnally is completely aware of Lelouch’s ultimate goal, the fulfillment of Zero Requiem, and the circumstances surrounding it when Lelouch dies.

This must be true. Even without the little visual highlight reel of the events leading up to Lelouch’s death, it’s clear from Nunnally’s expression and words that she is aware. When Lelouch first falls down to her platform, she’s a bit aloof and still shocked by the turn of events:

She looks down at him, and her face is devoid of any sympathy or compassion, as you’d expect from the way he’s treated her up until that point. Then she reaches for him arm and murmurs:


At this point, her hand touches his and she’s given the memories of what has transpired and led Lelouch to sacrifice himself “for the greater good.”

“Brother… you were… all along…”

She then takes his hand and proclaims her love for him, and Lelouch reflects that he has both destroyed, and created worlds. Nunnally breaks down when he dies, and is the only one (save Kallen, who has seen through Lelouch’s schemes on her own) mourning his death as the world celebrates.

“I would’ve been happy just being with you, Brother.”

“I can’t bear a future without you, Brother…I just can’t.”

Unless Nunnally can somehow read minds and hasn’t been as sheltered as we’ve been led to believe, Lelouch’s memories were given to her via his Code. She clearly was not aware of his overarching scheme when he first tumbled down to her; this is clear from her expression and actions. She only understands his scheming and loves him for it after their hands touch.

This would point to Lelouch having a Code and passing on his memories.

2. C.C. is talking to Lelouch, not just having a conversation with his memory or however else you want to justify her words as the cart moves along the road.

The scene begins as the concluding part of the “epilogue”, where the viewers are all shown what happened to the characters depicted in the show. The scene opens with the sky, then expands and pans lower, showing the cart, being driven by an unseen (oh, how you did love masks and disguises, Lelouch) driver, with C.C. lazily lying on top of the hay being transported by the cart, accompanied by a trunk, her hat, the erstwhile Cheese-kun, and a single paper crane. C.C. then begins her dialogue, or soliloquy if you believe Lelouch is dead.

The power of Kings, known as Geass, brings one solitude.

Not quite accurate, is it?

Right, Lelouch?

C.C. is not a schizophrenic. She might be a little wacky, but a schizo she is not. She also does not talk to the other deceased Geass-users or to any other people that she’s met. She does not talk to Charles or Marianne, both of whom she’s known for a lot longer than Lelouch, nor does she talk to the dead V.V. I’d argue that she was actually closer to Charles and Marianne than to Lelouch, despite her ultimate betrayal of them. So why would she be talking to herself or a dead Lelouch about the solitude which Geass brings? If Koda is correct and Lelouch is dead, Geass did bring solitude. For now C.C. is truly alone, without Charles or Marianne, with whom she was working, without Lelouch whom she perhaps loved, and without the shadowy organization that supported C.C. and V.V. She would truly be alone. Yet, she is not alone on the cart. She is accompanied by a mysterious cart driver, Cheese-kun, and of course, the crane. Wait, the crane? If C.C. was truly alone, why would she need the crane, a relic from another relationship gone sour for her? I don’t think she idly brought along knicknacks from her previous lives; in fact she’s only brought Cheese-kun and a small trunk of belongings. Yet, why the crane? I can only imagine she brought it for Lelouch, who should treasure it as his last memory of Nunnally, for he’ll never see her again.

Okay, on to Koda’s arguments to the contrary.

Her first argument is about the actual process of getting the Code.

When you take into account the contents of doll #5, this means that the process goes like this:
– 2 eye Geass.
– Get Code.
– Die.
– You are now a Code Person.

And yet, by saying that Nunnally seeing his memories was a result of him gaining a Code, it means the process went like this:
– Lelouch’s Geass leveled up into his other eye.
– Lelouch got a Code.
– Nunnally saw Lelouch’s memories.
– Lelouch died.
– Lelouch is now a Code Person.

In other words, it insists that Nunnally was able to read his memories before he died and got Code Powers. He was kind of talking after she saw this so we know he hadn’t died yet. I’m able to shoot down the entire Code theory using its own “evidence” by merely laying out the order of events.

I don’t believe that the actual process of getting a Code was explained in the anime. At best, we are given C.C.’s memories of the nun betraying her and giving her Code so that she might die. I don’t believe C.C. had to die in order for the Code to kick in, why would that be the case? This is just speculation and proves nothing, as none of this is expressly said in the anime, nor has any of it been confirmed by the Geass producers. True, the producers stated that Lelouch died so that the new world would be a better place, but this happened regardless. Lelouch died when Suzaku ran him through, true. This does not preclude him coming back to life. When C.C. “dies” at the beginning of R2, she is, to all eyes, dead. However, she is actually alive, and communicates through touching Lelouch.

In episode 21, when Charles was being absorbed into the World of C, he rocketed over to Lelouch and gripped him around the neck and passed his Code to Lelouch.

This assumes that a Code Person can forcefully pass on their Code to someone, which is certainly arguable. However, if C.C. has been able to forcefully transfer it, why didn’t she force transfer it away a very, very long time ago?

I believe the Code can be passed on forcefully. How else could C.C. have been given the Code from the nun?

Charles gave Lelouch the Code to defeat Schneizel. From the dialogue in that scene, it’s clear that he doesn’t want Schneizel’s world, a world where Schneizel rules as a tyrant with Damocles and FREYA cementing his rule. Remember, Charles wanted a world where nothing changed and everyone was happy. This would is not the one that Schneizel is creating.

Also, C.C. has been grooming a successor to take her Code for a long time. Mao, Charles, and Lelouch were all possible recipients of the Code. C.C. regarded Mao as a mistake of hers, and perhaps felt too guilty to pass such a curse onto him. C.C. chose not to support Charles in the end because she was persuaded by Lelouch to renounce his plan. C.C. didn’t pass it to Lelouch because she loved him, and would’ve preferred to live with him. If you don’t believe they loved each other, you’re missing everything. The kiss at the end of season 1. The tears shed at the end of R2. Lelouch’s rejection or loss of all the rest of his harem. Lelouch telling C.C. to smile as she dies. They loved each other, get over it. In fact, the very fact that C.C. is chillaxing and taking it easy makes me believe that she is with Lelouch. Living together forever with the one man you love doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal.

When you get a Code, a Code does not activate immediately, you have to die first before you are immortal and Geass-immune. This is why C.C. is covered in blood in the church. This is also why Charles was able to be commanded by Lelouch’s Geass after taking V.V.’s Code in R2 15.

Again, show me conclusive proof that the Code requires a death to activate. Even Koda concedes that it is impossible to prove with the facts given to us by the anime.

Lelouch wouldn’t let C.C. be lonely.

This assumption is built on the assumption that C.C. and Lelouch are a couple, and Lelouch took daddy’s Code for her sake. And then, based on that assumption, it goes on to further assume that Lelouch would want to be with C.C. for all eternity. This also assumes that C.C. would actually be lonely without Lelouch. However, like the Nunnally shit, this also pretty much rejects what the creators have said about C.C. and her finding a reason to live on her own thanks to her time with Lelouch.

Again, I believe Lelouch and C.C. are a couple, but I believe Charles gave Lelouch his Code to defeat Schneizel, who would’ve created a world that was the opposite of his dream’s. Lelouch’s vision of the world was, as we call it, a “HAPPY END.” I believe that Charles wanted Lelouch to triumph, rather than Schneizel. C.C. did find a reason to live on, it’s called love, something that she never truly understood until she met Lelouch.

Lelouch is the cart driver. C.C. was talking out loud to herself and clearly addresses Lelouch in the end.

Apparently, C.C. looking up at the sky = C.C. addressing the cart driver, or did I miss the frame where C.C.’s eyes somehow go to the back of her head? Or where the cart driver quits driving the cart and goes and stands over C.C.?

Give me something better than this. This proves exactly nothing. People don’t necessarily talk face to face. See: Cellphones. Also, C.C. is behind Lelouch and he’s the only one (besides Cheese-kun or herself) to whom she can speak. I know that I often look up and examine particularly interesting clouds when I talk to friends and we’re both bored.

Anyways, I’m amazed i can write ~1820 words about whether or not a fictional anime character is alive or dead. But I felt like writing, and I think he’s alive 😛 Eat your heart out.

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  1. The only problem I had with Lelouch still being alive is how did he escape from the “murder” scene? In the instances of CC, she revived right away after taking what would be “fatal” blows/shots. Considering the technology of the geass era, would be impossible to fake it. (The oh-so-often used stasis/minimal heart/death replicating condition)
    Even if he did..what the fuck after that? Did he bust out of his grave zombie style and no one noticed as he escaped to the Orange-kun farm?

    But I think the title helps the case of him having a code. CC, VV, and RR. Japanese people love their fucked up english, I think it this season was named R2 for a reason instead of L2.

    and fucking wordpress fakku’d might other shit so that is all.

    Comment by paikman | January 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. The hell with the logistics of it. I just said that he’s alive. For all I know, Nunnally ordered that he be placed in a place of honor or something, and he escaped from there. WHO KNOWS?!

    Comment by sakagami | January 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. Lelouch is dead.

    Comment by sakagami | April 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. His life depends on the author. more money and more fans means more lelouch days, less money and less fans means no more lelouch. The ambiguity of the last scene with CC provides fans to speculate, it was all orchestrated by the author to observe how we will react. We are being manipulated.

    Comment by reyan | June 9, 2009 | Reply

  5. I can see why people want to concoct an ending where LeLouch lives. However he had become rather dark.

    R2 got a little TOO twisty IMO. It got so you did not know who to root for. Even the person you rooted for the previous episode may no longer be someone you can in the next.

    It was still enjoyable, however not as much as first season. Here are my takes on both seasons with lots o’ pics and perhaps a little wit:

    Comment by Fortress Guy | August 30, 2009 | Reply

  6. lelouch is alive! C.C. wasn’t just talking to herself.Why else would they mask the cart driver at the end if he wasn’t important?

    Comment by animeprincess13 | October 31, 2009 | Reply

  7. I think Lelouch is alive, he has the code. (well at least it seems like he has).

    Comment by Vagish | September 25, 2011 | Reply

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