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QQv2 – An Evolution

QQ has undergone some huge changes, and we’re excited for our future projects, starting with K-ON! in Spring 2009.

First things first, we’ve parted ways with ilifin. In our minds, he’d decided to prioritize his IRL over his fansubbing (which is perfectly alright), so we decided to go with Thoreau as our chief translator. We’ve picked up some new faces, MisterHatt as our encoder, as well as adding Blue-kun as a timer and Plorky as TS. We’re still sticking with me at editor, Cat_Megex/Kaze/windex/Disland as our QC team, though we’re also adding the fabulous CC to bolster our QC corps. In my mind, we let down a lot of people with the Toradora project, and I hope we see K-ON! to the end,  though it seems to be way oversubbed. 🙂


April 1, 2009 - Posted by | anime

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  1. K-ON and Toradora DVDs, woot!

    Comment by arveene | April 7, 2009 | Reply

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