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Blog Migration

If anyone still follows this, I’m moving over to — thanks to windex for giving me a subdomain :>


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Final Fantasy XIII Tidbits

After reading the post-mortem interview in Game Informer #204, here are some of my thoughts.

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Some Thoughts on Movie Reviews

Over the Christmas break, I went to the theater with one of my old friends in LA, and watched Sherlock Holmes. The disconnect between my thoughts about the movie and the general consensus of the movie reviews really signaled to me that there is a gaping disconnect between movie reviewers and the general public. Click past the break for more!

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New Year, New Stuff

So this marks the first time I’ve posted in the new year. Here are a few updates about what’s been going on with my life; go past the break to take a look!

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The A-List – 2009

Starting this year, I’m going to be listing my top media experiences of the year. I’m breaking them down into the categories of anime, music, and games. The only criteria for these lists is that they had to be completely new to me this year, so no going back to oldie but goodies that I’ve experienced in the past. If you’d like to take a peek at my lists and take some suggestions from it, please feel free to click past the break and leave some comments!

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Fall Watch List

So apparently people actually read this blog, so I’ll do my best to keep you guys entertained with tidbits from my life as I enjoy time off from fansubbing. To start this off, here’s what I’m watching this season. Lemme know what you guys think and tell me what you guys think could be good!

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Summer Lineup

So what do you guys think will be good this summer?

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New Motto

Best line I’ve ever seen during a QC pass.

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Eureka Seven: A Look Back

After finishing my epic marathon (well sorta, fifty eps over 3 days or so is nothing to sneeze at!), I was struck by a few things in this anime that will stay with me for quite a while. Would I like to share them with you? Of course! Of course, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched, but are planning to, do not click. This will be the first part of a (probably) two part retrospective. (EDIT: realized the original image was too spoilery, so replaced it with a SS from ED4)

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QQv2 – An Evolution

QQ has undergone some huge changes, and we’re excited for our future projects, starting with K-ON! in Spring 2009.

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