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Eureka Seven: A Look Back

After finishing my epic marathon (well sorta, fifty eps over 3 days or so is nothing to sneeze at!), I was struck by a few things in this anime that will stay with me for quite a while. Would I like to share them with you? Of course! Of course, there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched, but are planning to, do not click. This will be the first part of a (probably) two part retrospective. (EDIT: realized the original image was too spoilery, so replaced it with a SS from ED4)

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Code Geass R2 retrospective

Looking back on the second season of Code Geass, I have to say that it was not a complete failure, though it certainly paled in comparison to the promise of the first season.

Taniguchi, the creator of Geass, complained long and campaigned bitterly for the timeslot occupied by the first season, but ended up with an entirely new timeslot: a development which, according to him, forced him to ditch the original plot plans for R2. Essentially, he was forced to make the transition into R2 much more “noob-oriented,” designed to attract new viewers more than satisfy the following that had been created for the first season. A percentage of the failings of the series can be attributed to this perhaps, though I feel cheated somehow.

Despite this, I was captivated by the first episode of R2, with Lelouch’s amnesia and his sibling changeup, Kallen’s bunny suit, and the redux of the scene where C2 first gave him his power. As the season went on and Zero’s exploits moved to China, it all seemed very rushed. The opportunity to flesh out characters introduced in the first season (Kaguya in particular) seemed wasted as the plot chugged along quickly. This was a recurring theme on the show, as the Knights of Rounds (besides Gino, Anya, and of course Suzaku) fell by the wayside without much fanfare.

Skipping over the failures of the plot, one must give the show credit in that it provided some measure of resolution to the series.  It was a “good end,” as the world seemed to be a better place at the end of the show, with the lion’s share of characters living happily ever after, with the notable exceptions of Suzaku, Lelouch, and C2. Suzaku is forced to live the rest of his life as Zero, the peoples’ hero, stripped of the glory and recognition he hoped to gain. As for Lelouch and C2..well the debate will live on forever I suppose, as I can’t see Taniguchi breaking his silence to explain the ending (much like the ending of the Sopranos). Personally, I like to believe that C2 and Lelouch end up together at the end, with Lelouch being the R2 (“ReRouch” in Japanese?) in the title. The idea of Lelouch driving a cart laden with the cargo of C2 and Cheese-kun is just too appealing.

Overall, the series was hugely entertaining, and captivated me for the entire 25 week(?) run, so I can’t complain too much. 🙂

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